The Friends’ Programs

Here are some of the kinds of things The Friends of Leadership do in a typical school year:

  • Run SUMMA (SU Mentor Mentee Alliance), the Largest and Longest Running Mentoring program in NYC! (Really!)
    • From 65 to 90 mentor pairs participate each year.
    • We arrange educational, cultural and social programs and events for them throughout the year.
  • Award full Scholarships to eligible Juniors to attend Syracuse University Summer College each summer:
    • Including 6 weeks of rigorous College Classes on the upstate campus, full tuition, room & board, trips and special activities, alongside students from around the world.
    • Culminating in 6-7 College Credits and a once-in-a-lifetime experience for each student.
  • Help fund the annual high school student Musical Theater Production, as well as class trips.
  • Arrange and fund College Visits, College Prep Workshops and other Classroom Needs.
  • Provide $100 Target gift Cards to 46 individual students who are Homeless or living in Foster Homes or other provisional housing. Sadly, the number grows each year.
  • Provide various other Scholarships and Stipends.
  • Arrange and fund an Overnight College Trip in the spring to Syracuse University and another college, this year SUNY Cortland.
  • Conduct our own ongoing Fundraising to Support our extensive Programs and Activities each year.
  • Provide new MacBook laptops to each of our students who are accepted at and matriculate at Syracuse University.

And in response to the needs of the school as outlined by the principal, The Friends have also made such one-time gifts to Leadership & Public Service High School as funded new fitness and weight training equipment for the gym, an interactive video conference system, a security system for the school library, Princeton Review SAT Prep classes at school for our students, musical instruments, basketball uniforms, replacement of art supplies ruined in a flooded closet, and tickets for English classes to see a professional theater production of Shakespeare’s “Romeo & Juliet” while the classes were studying that play.

Graduates of Leadership & Public High School and Syracuse University


DiakonIkoIas, Anthony G.

Wilson, Niyeka A.


Alleyne, Terica
Benitez, Nicole O.
Cedeno, Maximo J.
Clemmons. Evita F.
Lambert, Jai-Lin
Rivas, Catherina
Santos, Nasheema


Boateng, Nana-Akyaa A.
Carter, Shonte M.
Escobar, Edwin E.
Nunez. Juan
Robinson, Kenya R.
Williams, Jasmine L.


Howe, Warren C.
McMahon, Erica
Mings, Devon J.
Noel, Rigaud, Y.


Carter, Rabiyah
Disla, Maria M.
Gutierrez, Damaris
Olivares, Maribelis
Rivera, Jovanna N.
Rodriguez. Esterlína


Chan, Xiu Dan
Eng ,Jackson
KIein, Matthew S.
Rodriguez, Ivan C.
Stewart IV, Leslie W.


Azcona, Giselle
Frias, Denise O.
Lopez, Jennifer
Niles, Krista A.


Kosiw, YuIia
Lee, Cindy
Moy, Annie
Ouyang, Mei-Rong
Saunders, Hilary
Seecharan, Matthew
Tam, Vicki
Tobak, Julianna


Akleh, John
Arias, Pamela
Cai, Feng Chen
Chao, Sunny
Chirinos. Burton B.
Collins, JahIil S.
Moers, Brittney J.
Portalatin, Melissa L.
Ruan, Wai
Santiago, Emily G.
Simmons, Na’Tasha K.
Truong. Rachel


Cabassa, Robert
Kwong, Alice
Lam, Diana
Leung, Scott
Nunez, Kelvin
Rufino, Angelica
Torres, Loreal
Vega, Crystal


Bitton, Jason E.
Blanco, Stephanie
Chui, Amy L.
Conover, Alex
Laboy, Cassandra L.
McGuire, Lani S.
Olivares, Johanna
Rodriguez, Maria F.


Garcia, Angie L.
Gutierrez. Katrina
Ho, Yiu Chung
Moore, Christine S.
Santos. Ashley
Wang, Hong Fen
Zhao, Jason


Cepeda, Kristina
Gonzalez, Mirelis T.
Maldonado,’ Patricia G.
Mohammad, Shereen
Nelson, Nikolaus J.
Rodriguez, Alexis E
Russell, Arianna S.


Canales, Damaris C.
Guzman, Mariely Rosa
Machado, Genesis
Peralta, Melissa
Phillips, Davina Kendra
Wu, Frank


Fernandez Yarmine Maria
Auyeung, Michael
Martinez, lngrid
Perez Jr., Michael Anthony
Rosa, Jocelyn


Doyle, Lauren Maria
Cardenales, Noemi
Dozier, Yetunde
Wanamaker, Ashley O.


Ng, Zachary
Ramirez, Kimberly Annaly
Sam, Fatimata
Perry, Jacqueline Rose


Artiles, Elizabeth D.
Asumeng, Yvette
Cardona, Victoria I.


Reynoso, Rodney