Christina and Yesenia

Christina has been a mentor for several years now and Yesenia is her second mentee.  They recently went to a workshop at El Museo de Barrio in Spanish Harlem – in fact – they took the suggestion from the list the activity calendar sent out by Gianni.  They went to the workshop that was in celebration of Carnavale.  They did a mask-making arts workshop and took a Samba dance lesson.  I think this event was great for celebrating culture and allowing Christina to get to know more about Yesenia’s roots.  Also, as they were walking through the halls of the museum they saw college acceptance letters (the museum also doubles as a school).  Looking at the acceptance letters they were able to start another conversation regarding the college application process.  Christina mentioned that Yesenia started asking some good questions, for example, “do you only apply to one school?”  Yesenia is a sophomore in high school, so questions like these are to be expected, and luckily she has Christina to help her get the right answers.  I think given this event and the conversation that took place, they are well on their way to being successful and creating/achieving some wonderful goals.

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