Catherine and Maimouna

Maimouna and Catherine have been paired together since October.  Maimouna is a freshman at Leadership and she has been incredibly involved in everything that we, as a school, have to offer.  Catherine has been a mentor with SUMMA for quite some time.   Catherine has  been great in befriending Maimouna’s friends and acting as a “fill in” mentor when their mentors cannot make events, etc.  As a freshman in this type of program, it can be difficult with all the late night (7pmish) events, however Maimouna completely has the support of her family, as they will come and pick her up if they deem it too late.  Together, Maimouna and Catherine have attended 4 SUMMA group events and have met at least twice on their own.  This is a great beginning to a relationship – as they’ve only been together for 4 months.  In fact, Catherine’s holiday “gift” to Maimouna was taking her to the Metropolitan Opera to see Hansel and Gretel—they both immensely enjoyed the event.

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